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ViCo for Virtual Collaboration and Digital Cooperation at the  University of Bonn

"Virtual Collaboration" (ViCo) strengthens and supports the future-oriented developement of the teaching at the University of Bonn. ViCo covers different types of digital collaboration between teachers and students as well as among students themselves.

News: The National Day of the Open Monument 2023 is digital!

ViCo presents for the very first time the Bonner Doppelkirche as immersive 3D-World in the National Museum Haus der Geschichte. Entry is free and exploration is possible without registration on 10th of September 2023 from 13:00 until 16:00, more info here.

Studierende beim Annotieren
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Annotations of Multimedia

Texts, photos, figures, graphics, scans: How can we understand and analyse together any type of multi media? ViCo facilitates new teaching and learning designs.

Team mit digitalen Geräten beim wissenschaftlichen Rechnen
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Scientific Calculation and Programming

Do you know JupyterHub? The online environment for scientific calculation and programming can also be used for digital collaboration now thanks to ViCo.

Student mit 3D-Brille in immersiver Lernwelt
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Virtual 3D Learning Worlds

Dive into the digital learning worlds and experience antique cities, long-distance sights and inaccessible locations with ViCo, in immersive and interactive ways.

Why Virtual Collaboration at the University of Bonn?


New learning design

ViCo offers digital collaboration for students in small working groups at the University of Bonn for the very first time and across the whole university.


New teaching design

Teachers can enrich and complement their existing study courses and lectures with ViCo.


Digital competences

ViCo supports students and teachers to build digital competences: That goes far beyond technological skills.


Future orientation

Digitale collaboration is becoming more and more important: In work but also our daily life and society. ViCo offers the chance for own further development.

What offers ViCo for the University of Bonn?

ViCo supports the further development and amendment of the teachiung and study forms. Our offers are focuses all faculties, disciplines as well as teachers and students across the whole university.

Media didactics

We consult you individually how you can amend your teching and lectures through digital collaboration in small working groups.


ViCo offers qualifications for teachers and students, and also for eTutors - individually for your discipline as well as for the whole university.


All opportunities for digital collaboration in small working groups are scientifically analysed and evaluated with mixed methods research.

Network for teachers

Our showrooms and the communities for your internal exchange: Explore and discuss how you can benefit from digital collaboration in small working groups and which advantages it offers.


What do you wnat to change in the future? Let us all together design and improve the digital collaboration in the teaching.



ViCo Project lead:
Prof. Dr. Klaus Sandmann

ViCo Operative lead:
Marcus Breyer
Carolin Müller 

ViCo Coordination:
Dr. Christian M. Stracke

ViCo Media didactics:
Jenny Pomino

ViCo Development:
Stephan Duell 
Philippe Kluge
Dr. Jann Müller 


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